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Sierra Collector’s Quest – Kickstarter Campaign

Sierra Collector’s Quest 0

A complete overview of the entire Sierra Multiverse. Includes almost 28,000 entries from Sierra, Dynamix, Coktel, Impressions, SubLogic, Berkeley, Blizzard, and many more.
Data intensive with maximized information in an easily referenced checklist style format. ~750 pages. Spring 2021.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is SCQ1-WEB-216x300.jpgSierra Collector’s Quest I

Hi-Res Adventures, King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest + SWAT, and Leisure Suit Larry.
Visual tour-de-force with series overviews, developer profiles, collectible highlights, timeline, and game profiles. Thousands of images and detailed content information for every variation, book, collectible, and more. ~750 pages. Spring 2021.
Sierra Collector’s Quest II

Quest for Glory, Gabriel Knight, Conquests, Laura Bow, Gold Rush, ManHunter, Phantasmagoria, Shivers, Sierra Adventures, Sierra RTS, Sierra Network, Learning Adventures, Mixed-Up Fables, Dr Brain, and Discovery Quests.
Same format as Vol I. ~750 pages. Early 2022.
Sierra Collector’s Quest III

Sierra Simulation, Sierra Arcade, Sierra Sports, Casual Games, Hoyle Games, Sierra Compilations, Sierra Legacy, Stellar Saga, Novel Adventures, Dynamix Aces, and Dynamix RPG.
Same format as Vol I. ~750 pages. Early 2022.
*Note: Artwork is not representative of the final covers.

In the past 40 years, video games have evolved from a niche pastime to one of the largest, most influential entertainment industries in the world. Globally, the market will generate over $150 Billion this year – a massive leap from its humble beginnings of photocopied cover art and ziploc baggies. Despite gaming’s massive appeal (with over 2.7 billion gamers worldwide), there is shockingly little in the way of professionally written historical reference. Sadly, a lot of this important history has already been lost or forgotten. I endeavor to remedy that. Beginning appropriately with one of the preeminent companies of the golden era of gaming… Sierra On-Line.

At its peak, Sierra consistently topped sales charts and won over legions of devoted fans. Over the years, many game publishers strived to distinguish themselves as the reigning authority of a single genre, or diversify to the point of dilution. Neither strategy typically resulted in overwhelming success. The exception of course being Sierra. By incorporating and cultivating specialized teams that were already masters of their respective fields, Sierra’s diversity and expertise grew substantially. Teams like Dynamix, Coktel Vision, Impressions, SubLogic, and many more created a whole that was substantially greater than the sum of its parts.

The purpose of this project is to provide a complete historical record of every game, book, collectible, and other artifacts that relate to Sierra’s saga. A single tome would be woefully insufficient to cover the entire legacy in appropriate detail. As such, it is my intention to publish a series of books dedicated to uncovering every last piece of Sierra’s long and storied history. The current plan is for four books to be released over the next two years.

Sierra Collector’s Quest will be the definitive guide to the entire Sierra Multiverse, the first set of books to fully chronicle its 40 years of gaming history.

  • The Complete Guide

Games, soundtracks, books, artwork, clothing, collectibles, and so much more are covered. OCD level of detail for almost 28,000 items in total. These are not simple title listings. All known variations are documented with as much distinguishing information as possible. Platforms, formats, dimensions, page counts, UPCs/EANs/ISBNs… All presented with a very visual, easy to reference format.

  • All Sierra Divisions

In addition to Sierra On-Line’s Oakhurst and Bellevue teams, there are dedicated chapters for each of Sierra’s 15 primary divisions. This includes comprehensive histories spanning both before and after Sierra. The smaller divisions are covered within appropriately related chapters.

  • Expanded Horizons

Perhaps controversially, Blizzard Entertainment and Knowledge Adventure are also documented. Their inclusion is simple – all three companies were run side-by-side under the same umbrellas for many years. Two of those umbrellas are also documented:  Vivendi Universal and Activision. Those sections will cover IPs that were owned by Sierra (and published under the Sierra label), but developed by third party developers (ie Homeworld, Empire Earth, Crash, Spyro, Geometry Wars, etc).

  • Legendary Designers

More than anything, it was the talented designers at Sierra that really set the company apart. Roberta Williams, Al Lowe, Lori & Corey Cole, Jane Jensen, Christy Marx, Josh Mandel, Mark Crowe, Scott Murphy, Jim Walls, Lorelei Shannon, Jeff Tunnell, Damon Slye, Muriel Tramis, David Lester, and so many more. When possible, their related works and spiritual successors are covered as well.

  • International Coverage

Most similar works are typically American or European centric. Sierra was an international phenomena, and will be recognized as such. From Estonia to Argentina and beyond. More than 50 countries on 6 continents are covered.

  • Not a Price Guide

In any hobby, “collecting” can carry a negative connotation. With rare releases easily fetching thousands of dollars apiece, it’s easy to imagine people hoarding and price-gouging. However, the monetary value of these items is not the focus of these guides. The only prices mentioned are original list prices for historical purposes. These books promote preservation, not profit.

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