Sierra Collector’s Quest 0 – Digital 2021


Sierra Collector’s Quest 0 – Digital Edition 2021

Pre-Order, available Spring 2021.

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Volume 0 is the COMPLETE Guide. Games, soundtracks, books, artwork, clothing, collectibles, and so much more are covered. OCD level of detail for MORE THAN 28,000 items in total. These are not simple title listings. All known variations are documented with as much distinguishing information as possible. Platforms, formats, dimensions, page counts, product codes… All presented with a very visual, easy to reference format.

This book is the framework upon which all the other guides are built. It doesn’t share the same aesthetic quality as the other books, but more than makes up for it with its incredibly broad scope. This is the definitive reference for historians and collector’s alike. Like Volume I it will contain OVER 750 PAGES.

ALL Sierra divisions and partners are covered. In addition to Sierra On-Line’s Oakhurst and Bellevue teams, there are dedicated chapters for each of Sierra’s 15 primary divisions. This includes comprehensive histories spanning both before and after Sierra. The smaller divisions are covered within appropriately related chapters such as Licensed Games, Licensed Multimedia, and Productivity.

Available in three variations to suit your preferences and budget:

• Digital Edition: PDF Format
• Silver Edition: Soft Cover with Black & White Print
• Gold Edition: Hard Cover with Full Color Print

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Spring 2021