Sierra Collector’s Quest Ad 1 – Gold 2022

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Sierra Collector’s Quest – Ad Archive 1: Gold Edition 2022

Available 2022-11-22

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Covering almost 50 years of gaming history, Sierra Collector’s Quest is the definitive guide to one of the industry’s most influential publishers. At its peak, Sierra consistently topped sales charts and won over legions of devoted fans. This visual compendium was developed as a companion to the main guides – a veritable optical feast of Sierra’s signature advertising endeavors throughout the ages.

Mixed Advertisements

This special volume features 470 pages of painstakingly restored marketing materials from across the Sierra Multiverse. While the bulk were originally featured as Magazine Ads, this compilation also includes a variety of Promo Pamphlets, Direct Mailers, and Product Catalogs.

The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Unlike the detail intensive entries found in the main Collector’s Quest series, this book was created solely as a whimsically artistic tribute. Each advertisement within is presented in a consistent and visually stunning 7”×9” format. Key identifying traits are included for reference without detracting from the core aesthetic.


  • An extensive array of lovingly remastered marketing materials.
  • 311 unique ads from Sierra On-Line & On-Line Systems.
  • 13 countries worth of localized distribution spanning 4 continents.
  • 10 years of unimaginably extensive research…
  • 1 EPIC BOOK.


  • Hi-Res Adventures
  • King’s Quest
  • Space Quest
  • Police Quest
  • Leisure Suit Larry
  • Quest for Glory
  • Gabriel Knight
  • Laura Bow Mystery
  • Phantasmagoria
  • Shivers
  • Sierra Adventure
  • Sierra RTS
  • Learning Adventures
  • Mixed-Up Fables
  • Dr Brain
  • Sierra Simulation
  • Sierra Arcade
  • Sierra Sports
  • Casual Games
  • Hoyle Games
  • Sierra Compilations
  • Cygnus Entertainment
  • Sierra Legacy

Bonus Digital Archive

In addition to the physical guide, you will also receive the COMPLETE digital archive which compiles more than 1,400 advertisements from across the entire Sierra Multiverse!

* The Complete Digital Archive is currently in development and will be sent to you as soon as it is finished (estimated early 2023).

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Hard Cover

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8.27” × 11.69”

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Early 2023

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