Sierra Collector’s Quest – Digital Library USB


Sierra Collector’s Quest – Digital Library USB

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Who said digital copies couldn’t be physical? Add this to your cart and all your entitled digital editions will be pocket sized!

8GB of USB storage with the Sierra Collector’s Quest logo. It’ll come preloaded with any digital editions selected, not to mention some cool extras… Such as the hugely popular Kickstarter stretch goal bonuses – Digital Ad Archive & Cedric’s D.A.C.C.C.E.!!!


Digital Ad Archive:

Digital Ad archive featuring curated scans of hundreds of classic Sierra advertisements from ALL their divisions. As we worked on the Digital Ad Archive, we found a LOT of amazing ads. Not just from Sierra directly, but from most of their divisions as well before they joined the Sierra family. So far (Including doubles and variants) we’ve found almost 2000 ads across all of Sierra’s divisions. The final digital compilation will feature the best of each ad variant.


Cedric’s Digital Adult Coloring Cosplay Calendar Extravaganza:

“The WHAT now?!?!?” You ask in stunned disbelief… You heard your eyeballs right. Everyone’s favorite Emotional Support Owl will be gracing the digital pages of a handy, easy to print calendar! Sporting a stylish Adventurer Cap, trading in his monocle for a space plunger, fighting crime on the mean streets of Lytton… the possibilities are endless!!! (…and fortunately I only need to come up with 12 of them :p)


Sierra Mobile Game Collection:

A dozen of Sierra & Vivendi’s tiniest games that most people don’t even realize existed. These mobile games were doomed to digital oblivion, but have been preserved here for your gaming pleasure. Leisure Suit Larry, SWAT, The Incredible Machine, and more!


* Sierra Collector’s Quest – Digital Edition guides are sold separately.

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Summer 2022