Sierra Collector’s Quest – Hero Certificate Set

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Sierra Collector’s Quest – Hero Certificate Set


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So you’ve saved Daventry, cleaned up the galaxy, held the thin blue line in Lytton, romanced a bevy of beauties, and graduated top of your class at the Famous Adventurer’s Correspondence School for Heroes? You deserve recognition for your achievements! This set of SIX Hero Certificates can be mounted with pride over your dusty 486 PC. Kickstarter Exclusive!

  • Ultimate Adventurer  (Hi-Res Adventures)
  • Royal Proclamation  (King’s Quest)
  • Golden Mop Commendation  (Space Quest)
  • Lytton Medal of Valor  (Police Quest)
  • Larry 4 Proposal Approval  (Leisure Suit Larry)
  • FACS Adventurer Certificate  (Quest for Glory)

After ensuring that all the backers who opted for one will get one, any remaining stock will be available here on a first come, first served basis.

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Summer 2022