Sierra Collector’s Quest I – Platinum 2022


Sierra Collector’s Quest I – Platinum Edition 2022

Kickstarter Exclusive, available Summer 2022.

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Available exclusively with the Sierra Legend tier, this gorgeous tome sets the bar incredibly high for Limited Editions. This high quality, full color edition will be professionally bound in genuine leather, and emblazoned with the iconic golden Half Dome. Only TEN numbered and autographed copies will be available.

Covering almost 50 years of gaming history, Sierra Collector’s Quest is the definitive guide to one of the industry’s most influential publishers. At its peak, Sierra consistently topped sales charts and won over legions of devoted fans. This mammoth 780 page guide is a tribute to Sierra On-Line and the many talented designers who continually redefined computer gaming for decades.

3D Animated Adventure Games

This first volume covers five of Sierra’s most popular adventure series: Hi-Res Adventures, King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry. In addition to the main games, you will find spiritual successors Space Venture, SWAT, Blue Force, numerous Larry spin-offs, and more.

The Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Games, collections, multimedia, books, artwork, clothing, collectibles, and so much more are covered in OCD-level detail. All known variations are documented with as much distinguishing information as possible. Origins, platforms, formats, content lists, dimensions, page counts, product codes, variants — all presented in a very visual, easy to reference format.


  • 79 unique games from 5 of the most beloved adventure series ever.
  • 2,967 relics of Sierra On-Line history, covered in extreme detail.
  • 60 countries worth of localized distribution spanning 6 continents.
  • 10 years of unimaginably extensive research…
  • 1 EPIC BOOK.

* Mock-up artwork, final version may vary

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Leather Cover

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8.27” × 11.69”

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Summer 2022

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Summer 2022