Sierra Collector’s Quest I – Platinum 2021


Sierra Collector’s Quest I – Platinum Edition 2021

Kickstarter Exclusive, available Spring 2021.

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Available exclusively with the Sierra Legend tier, this gorgeous tome sets the bar incredibly high for Limited Editions. This high quality, full color edition will be professionally bound in genuine leather, and emblazoned with the iconic golden Half Dome. Only TEN numbered and autographed copies will be available.

The first Volume in the Sierra Collector’s Quest series. This visual tour-de-force will be massive. OVER 770 PAGES. It covers many of Sierra’s most beloved franchises:

Hi-Res Adventures
King’s Quest
Space Quest
Police Quest + SWAT
Leisure Suit Larry

It contains series overviews, developer bios, game profiles, timelines, and more than 2,200 items. Every game, book, and collectible variation are examined in professional detail with full content listings and thousands of images. Foreword written by the one and only KEN WILLIAMS.

Available in three variations to suit your preferences and budget:

Digital Edition: PDF Format
Silver Edition: Soft Cover with Black & White Print
Gold Edition: Hard Cover with Full Color Print


* Mock-up artwork, final version may vary

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Leather Cover

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Full Color

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8.27” × 11.69”

Physical Release

Spring 2021

Digital Release

Spring 2021