Sierra Collector’s Quest QFG – Silver 2021


Sierra Collector’s Quest – Quest for Glory: Silver Edition 2021

Kickstarter Exclusive, available Spring 2021.

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The Quest for Glory series is widely regarded as one of Sierra’s crowning achievements. It was originally planned for inclusion in Volume I, but regrettably needed to be cut due to page constraints. It *will* appear in the future Volume II, but no need to wait if you want to get it early with this Kickstarter exclusive!

It is only small in comparison to my other books. At roughly 150 pages, it certainly holds its own for content. Featuring the same design as Volume I it also includes Lori & Corey Cole’s spiritual successors:

Quest for Glory
School for Heroes

Best of all, the book will feature a Foreword written by the gaming legends themselves: LORI & COREY COLE 🙂

Available in three variations to suit your preferences and budget:

Digital Edition: PDF Format
Silver Edition: Soft Cover with Black & White Print
Gold Edition: Hard Cover with Full Color Print


* The Cover Art is not final, and will be done by Sierra Alumni, AL EUFRASIO.

Additional information

Cover Style

Soft Cover

Print Style

Black & White

Page Count



8.27” × 11.69”

Physical Release

Spring 2021

Digital Release

Spring 2021