Ultima Classic – Silver 2012

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Ultima – The Ultimate Collector’s Guide: Silver Edition 2012

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For more than 30 Years the Ultima series has defined the RPG genre, from Akalabeth to Ascension to Ultima Online and Beyond. Lord British’s enduring legacy will forever live in the hearts and minds of gamers around the world.

The Quest of the Avatar is Forever.

This mammoth 826 page tribute to the Ultima series contains highly detailed information and pictures for 520 main releases, 286 books & collectibles, and 149 miscellaneous items. A grand total of 955 items from 24 countries across 6 continents!

In addition to regular entries there are comprehensive variation guides for each game. They provide side-by-side comparisons illustrating the differences between different maps, boxes, books, discs, etc. There’s even some history & lore for extra flavoring.

Every game in the series is covered in exhaustive detail including Ultima I-IX, Akalabeth, Mt Drash, Runes of Virtue I & II, Savage Empire, Martian Dreams, and Underworld I & II as well as the many Collections & Compilations.

Also included are bonus chapters for Ultima X, Ultima Online & Ultima Media.


Black & White Soft Cover Edition.


For the complete Ultima Saga, be sure to check out the entire book series!

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