Ultima Companion – Gold & Digital Bundle

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Ultima Companion – Gold Edition 2013 + Digital Edition 2013

Gold Edition available now. Digital Edition available Spring 2021.

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Ultima Companion - Gold 2013

Ultima - The Ultimate Companion Guide: Gold Edition 2013

Ultima Companion - Digital 2013

Ultima - The Ultimate Companion Guide: Digital Edition 2013
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The Ultima legacy is unquestionably vast in its own right, but over the years it has inspired many other fine works as well. This Companion Guide covers everything beyond the scope of the main Ultima & Ultima Online guides:


  • Ultima Dragons – A diverse collection of 826 unofficial remakes, add-ons, editors, tools, and much more. Primarily the work of the UDIC fan group.
  • Wing Commander – Origin’s hugely popular sci-fi series. Includes 571 listings.
  • Origin Worlds – The many other Worlds that Origin Systems created. Includes 555 listings.
  • Destination Worlds – A sampling of 131 games from the legendary designers at Origin after they left. From Looking Glass to Portalarium and beyond.
  • Tabula Rasa – The complete collector’s guide to Richard Garriott’s second epic MMOG. 62 items.
  • Origin Legends – Gameographies for 35 designers, programmers, artists, musicians and more.
  • 2013 Addendum – Updates and new additions to the 2012 Ultima Collector’s Guide.

Full Color Soft Cover Edition + Full Color Digital Edition. The Gold Edition is available now and the Digital Edition will be available in Spring 2021.

For the complete Ultima Saga, be sure to check out the entire book series!