Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sierra Collector’s Quest?

It is a series of collector / historical reference guides for Sierra On-Line. They cover every item ever released by Sierra or one of its many divisions. Games, collections, multimedia, books, collectibles, etc. They include all known localizations across sixty different countries. The books are A4 size (8¼”x11¾”) and a hefty 780 pages each. The two hard cover volumes weigh over 10lbs.

What is Volume Ø?

Volume Ø is a massive overview of absolutely everything across the Sierra Multiverse. That includes core Sierra (Oakhurst and Bellevue studios), subsidiaries (Dynamix, Coktel, Impressions, SubLogic, Berkeley, etc), sister companies (Blizzard and Knowledge Adventure), parent companies (Cendant, Havas, Vivendi, Activision, etc), licensed games, and much more. With the bonus addendum it includes a whopping 37,762 items. Due to the scope of this volume, it is far less visual than the other books. It is primarily a massive index / checklist of *everything* and serves as the framework for the other volumes.

What is Volume I?

Volume I is the first of the standard guides, and covers Hi-Res Adventures, King’s Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, and Leisure Suit Larry in extreme detail. All related works such as SpaceVenture, SWAT, Blue Force, the post-Sierra Larry games, and more are included. Historical overviews, collector notes, series timelines, game profiles, and screenshots preface each series. Every release features front and back artwork, content lists, and all the detailed information you could hope for. Just under 3000 items are covered with roughly 7000 pictures alongside the details. Far more visual of the two guides.

What is Quest for Glory?

The Quest for Glory guide was created as a special Kickstarter bonus book. The style and layout match that of Volume I. Quest for Glory (complete with School for Heroes, Hero-U, and Summer Daze) will be included in the upcoming Volume II alongside Gabriel Knight, Laura Bow, Conquests, Gold Rush, ManHunter, Phantasmagoria, Shivers, Freddy Pharkas, Dr Brain, Eco Quest, and many more. That said, the standalone book includes a bonus section featuring additional works by Lori & Corey Cole such as Shannara.

What is a Gold/Silver/Digital Edition?

Due to the hefty page counts, full color print costs are unfortunately expensive. Each of the books is available in three different versions to hopefully fit every preference and budget. The actual contents remain consistent across each version. The only differences are as follows:

Gold Editions = Full color print throughout with a sturdy hard cover.

Silver Editions = Black & white print throughout with a flexible soft cover.

Digital Editions = Full color PDF for your PC, Tablet, or Mobile. (Volume Ø even features interactive checkboxes to keep track of your collection).

Bundles are available for both Gold & Silver Editions that include the corresponding Digital Edition at a discounted price.

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